Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Reservoir

Filling the insulin reservoir for my pump has become a bit of a game to me.

I always try to squeeze as much insulin as possible into the 1.76 ml vial of my Paradigm 515. I usually change my site when the reservoir runs out, so it's my way of sustaining my supplies for as long as possible.

I have targets that, in my mind, indicate my successes and failures.

If I have less than 150 units of insulin left after priming the infusion set and getting all the air bubbles out, I feel a bit deflated. Defeated. Akin to a blood sugar reading being out of range. Curses to the heavens!

Between 150 and 155 units is "okay". I can live with it. But it makes me determined to do better the next time. Between 155 and 160 units is even better.

When I manage to cram over 160 units, it is like getting an "A" in twelfth-grade calculus. I knew I worked hard for it, seeing the "A" (i.e., over 160 next to "Units Left") just confirms that it wasn't for nothing.

The very odd time, I manage to pack over 170 units into the reservoir. When this happens, I usually mutter "Yessssss" to myself, and do one of those on-one-knee, hand-pump things in my mind (think Tom Cruise on Oprah).

Silly, no? :)


Megan said...

My pathetic trick i s to fill the reservoir past the "fill" line. The pump won't accept a reservoir that full, BUT I then attach the tubing, and push the excess insulin into the tubing, as part of the prime. Then the pump will accept it, and I don't need to prime it via the pump option for prime. Sad, I know.

Bernard said...

So how long does a fill like this last you?

At my rate, I'd get about 6 days out of one fill. Mostly I go for changing my site every 4 days, otherwise I can end up getting wacky results.

LORI said...

Megan - yes, I do that too! It's tricky sometimes though, making sure that the plunger at the end doesn't come out too far.

Bernard - I average anywhere from 40-50 units a day (depending on how carb hungry I am), so a reservoir lasts about 3 to 4 days.

gina said...

OMG that is so funny! I get excited when i can get the whole resevoir filled too lol thats awesome. I though ti was the only one!

Carol said...

You guys would love my cartridges. They hold 300 units. Since I average 28 units/day, the trick is more to not put too much insulin in there.

Nicole P said...

I play this same game :).

Under 185 units is a failure.

Over 185 is a success.

And anything over 190 is a banner day in my world...

Those crazy things we do. :)