Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Observation from a non-diabetic

We spent the weekend doing yard work at my house. June is fast approaching and I need to improve the "curb appeal" of my house in order to get top dollar when I put it up for sale next month.

(I won't get into the series of lows I experienced as a result of hours of shoveling and swinging a hammer, or the aches and pains of muscles I didn't know I had...)

On Saturday, we replaced the old, junky, chain-link fence along the right side of the yard with a new, wooden fence. I was busy digging a hole for the next post, while BF put up the first section of fence. When I thought the hole was almost deep enough, I stopped digging to get the fence post and place it in the hole to see how close I was. As I picked up the post, I caught my middle finger on a small, sliver of wood sticking out. I dropped the post and loudly cursed the stinging feeling coursing through my finger.

BF asked what happened and I showed him the wee sliver sticking out from my finger, expecting his usual sympathy and comforting hugs and/or kisses. He did reach out to hug me, but at the same time had a grin on his face and laugh welling up from his chest. Not amused myself, I asked him why he was laughing.

"I just think it's funny that you can purposely stick your fingers a dozen times a day and not flinch, but you get a sliver and it sounds like your whole finger was cut off."

The comment put my nose out of joint for a few minutes (me: "It just isn't the SAME!..." - he was kidding of course, he totally gets how the two are different), but now that I've had some time to reflect, it IS pretty funny...


Allison said...

It's like diabetics and flu shots! UGH!! Crazy, we know, but that doesn't keep us from hating it so. Besides, I think slivers hurt more because they are in there longer. Finger pricks don't usually hurt much because it's such a small needle and goes in pretty quickly. Maybe it's just me and the callouses I've developed over 13 years, but I rarely feel them these days.

But a sliver...ouch!

Cara said...

It's like the people that can't understand that I HATE needles!! Sure I gave myself 4 shots a day for about 21 years...but that's not the same. I think it's just letting someone else have control of the needle. ;)