Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random bits

It was a fun Mother's Day weekend (a late happy one to all you moms out there). Not only was it Mother's Day, but it was also my mom's 65th birthday. We celebrated with a family get-together in the form of a BBQ on Saturday night.

There were 3 different cakes, and yes - I sampled each one. The one with the blue icing was the best. :)

June 1st is only 2 weeks away! Yikes! This weekend will be crunch time to get the house renos DONE for the sale. Thankfully, it's a long weekend in Canada, and BF and I are both taking Friday off as well, so we should be able to finish up all loose ends over 4 full days.

Addition: I forgot to include a funny moment at my mom's party.

My 9-year-old nephew is the cutest.

My older sister was filling me in on her in-laws' side of the family, telling me about her niece who, at the age of 16, has a fake ID and has turned into a real rebel.

Mid-conversation, my sister's nephew (on her husband's side), who came to my mom's party to keep MY nephew (her son) company, interrupted and said, "Yeah, did you know that she doesn't even believe in GOD anymore?"

My nephew's response: "I didn't know she was Buddhist!"

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