Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yay me!

I'm feeling proud of myself today, and I wouldn't be fair to myself if I didn't write about it and give myself credit.

I had a pretty terrible winter in terms of taking care of myself. Exercise was scattered. Non-existent, even, some weeks. Truthfully, a lot of weeks. I made many bad food choices. Some were good. Probably about 70% good, 30% bad.

But for the past 10 days (after getting the Easter-chocolate binge out of my system), I totally deserve a gold star for my food choices and exercise efforts. Oatmeal for breakfast every day, for that slow carb release that prevents my blood sugar from spiking 2 hours after breakfast, when I typically have the most trouble with highs. Fruits and/or vegetables at every meal. Plenty of lean protein. Brisk walks in the evening (when it isn't raining) with my mp3 player blaring Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor (which, for me, has the perfect tempo to keep a good walking pace).

And I can totally see the difference in my sugars. Sure, there's the odd high signaling a site change, or low at the end of my walk sometimes, but overall, no complaints. My 14-day average is 6.4 mmol/L.

My goal is to lose the 10 lbs. I gained after starting on the pump last year before my next endo appointment at the end of May. I've already lost 4... 6 more to go. And I'm crossing my fingers that my blood pressure will have come down by then too.

Anyway, that's all I've got. To sum it up: Yay me! :)


Bams said...

Way to go!! I love Madonna's Confessions album for exercising too, its so good, no? :D

Scott K. Johnson said...


Yay you!!

I find that once I start to "get on a roll" with things that the positive momentum takes me a long way. It seems to make it easier to stick with it.

It's also very nice to see such immediate and positive results too!

LORI said...

Thanks Amber and Scott!

Yes, I love that album. It has the perfect beat all the way through, with the exception of maybe one or two songs ("Sorry" is just too fast for my short legs to keep up with!)

Minnesota Nice said...

Ohhhhhhhh I'm a true believer in momentum also. It's my favorite concept. Good control builds on itself, as does poor control.
Take each of those little victory buds and let them grow into full bloom. Then put your nose deep into the bouquet and say once again, "yay for me" You go girl.

Anonymous said...

good average blod sugar. once ur pump settings are correct its easy to loose that weight.