Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Something I didn't learn during pump training...

Last night, since it was raining, I went to the mall to browse the stores a bit. This weekend, BF and I are going to a semi-formal dinner and dance, so I thought maybe I'd look for a new dress to wear (not that I really need to buy something new, I have plenty to choose from in my closet, but it's fun to do sometimes).

I haven't worn a dress in over a year. I've worn skirts a few times, but not a one-piece dress.

I started pumping last July.

See where I'm going with this?

As I stood in the dressing room of Le Ch√Ęteau with a few of the latest spring fashions, it occured to me: where am I supposed to put my pump? My good friend, who has been pumping for 7 years and originally introduced me to the pump, told me that she wears hers in the cleavage of a dress. That somehow, she's able to position it to, in fact, enhance her cleavage. Huh? I don't even know how that would work. Besides... well, I won't divulge my cup size, but let's just say that I don't need any help in that department.

I always wear my pump clipped to the waist of my pants. I've read of some other creative places people keep their pump, like Kerri's in her sock. But I like wearing mine on my waist. Easy access. And mine sits in a black leather case, so most people don't even notice it (and if they do, I assume that they assume it's just a cell phone).

Anyway, if anyone can explain how the cleavage thing works, I would be ever so grateful (and preferably, in a way that will NOT increase my cleavage). Or offer alternate suggestions for pump/dress combos. Otherwise, it looks like I'll be wearing pants or a skirt on Saturday night.


Allison said...

I haven't worn a dress in almost seven years (probably longer).

With the cleavage question, I always just clipped it to the bra in the cleavage and sometimes it doesn't show up and sometimes it does. I've done with a strapless bra and just kind of set in there. Worked pretty well.

I'm keeping an eye on your blog to see if you get any good suggestions!

Claire said...

I always use one of the thigh strap things and find that it works pretty well. It's also a good place to store your ID and credit card and stuff...you just need to be careful that A) the velcro doesn't get stuck to/destroy your stockings and B) you strap it on tightly enough such that it doesn't slide down your leg at inopportune moments.

Anonymous said...

You can wear spandex bike shorts under your dress and clip it to those.
I'm not sure you could get it in time, but I am a big fan of the thigh strap.
Also, I have the opposite problem of you as I am lacking in the cleavage department. I find that I can get my pump to fit my my bra in the area under the armpit. Has to be a new bra though so the elastic is still tight :).

Good luck!

Kerri. said...

Ah, pump hiding techniques. My favorite. :)

1. The Thigh Holster: where there's an elastic band around my thigh and a little bag for the pump to rest in.

2. The Bra Trick: tucking the pump, without the clip, between my breasts and wedged underneath the bra underwire. Tubing facing down.

3. For low-cut dresses, I've worn the pump attached to a small cloth bag clipped to either my dress or a garter underneath my dress.

4. The Sock Trick: Tucking my pump, without it's clip, into my trouser sock. This only works when I have the site on my thigh instead of my abdomen.

5. For dresses that are low-cut, short, but happen to have longer sleeves, I have put the set on my abdomen and snaked the tubing out my sleeve and clipped the pump to the backside of my sleeve.

6. Spandex Shorts: I've heard of this one but have yet to try it.

7. Random Pockets: Since pumping, I've become a crackerjack seamstress and have sewn little pockets into my many dresses.

Don't let your pump keep you from wearing dresses! Let me know if you have any questions about these.

-- Kerri.

Annie said...

When I first got the pump, I told my doc that I loved to wear dresses and asked him what I was supposed to do. He told me that I would figure out, that the pump would never compromise anything that I already did. I immediately found a spot in my bra, right between the boobs. Like you, I am not lacking the area, but I didn't have a problem with the pump enhacing me any further. I use the clip on the outside of the bra, to hold it in, but sometimes, if shows, so I take the clip off and the bra holds it right up.

I also used the thigh holster, but found that it would slide down my pantyhose when I went to work. Plus, if I wasn't wearing a slip (and I never was because, really, who wears a slip now?), it would show.

The bra thing has always worked for me and was especially comfortable when I used to have my old Minimed pump with the remote control.

When I got married, I wore the pump in my girdle and it wasn't visible through the dress.

There are so many ways to conceal your pump. For the summer months, I have a hole in my coverup, where I thread the tubing through and hide the pump in my pocket.

Good luck dress shopping!

Randee said...

I always use a thigh strap (you can get one from the medtronic website). I bought one and then had my mom make me a few extra, since the velcro loses its strenght after a lot of uses. So far, has worked out fine. Good Luck!

Drea said...

I find when I try to stick a pump in my cleavage it just sticks out like a sore thumb!! A big bump....I certainly don't need the extra padding HA - so I stick the pump in the bra, but under my arm. I don't feel it there and it does not stick out!

LORI said...

Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions everyone. I still haven't decided yet what I'm wearing (I might make another shopping trip later this week), but will definitely consider a dress now - I'm sure I can make one of these techniques work!

Wendy Morgan said...

Hey, another cute way to wear the pump is with flip cell phone holders. Neo makes some cool waist cases, but the pouch ones are cool too. Check out NewYorkCellphone.com. They are cheap and you can have one to match all your different colored socks!