Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New surroundings

I moved into BF's house on the weekend.

Well, I've moved most things... the important day-to-day things, like my clothes, toiletries, and D supplies since we're spending our nights there now. The furniture will have to wait. We are still finishing the last few cosmetic things on my house, but we're on track to get it on the market by next Monday.

Although I have spent many nights at BF's house before, I am still finding my way around my new residence with all of my belongings in it. Where to store things. The easiest order to go from room to room as I get ready for work in the morning. The easiest place to keep my D supplies and change sites...

The house is a raised bungalow. On the main floor, there is the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and two small bedrooms.

The master bedroom is in the basement (as well as a rec room and an office/workout room).

On Sunday evening, after a long day of packing and moving in the rain, I looked forward to taking a long, hot shower. It was also time for a site change, so I took out my old set and enjoyed being site-free for a little while.

As I stood under the flow of tepid water, I felt a headache starting. It was the dull throb of a low setting in. I had been fighting lows for most of the day after lifting heavy boxes and running up and down various flights of stairs.

I stepped out of the shower, toweled off, and wrapped myself in my favourite robe. I picked up my pump from the edge of the sink and put it in the pocket of my robe.

I went out to the kitchen, found my meter on the counter, and tested - sure enough 2.7 (49). I poured myself a glass of lemonade and gulped it down quickly.

I found my large box of D supplies in the living room and grabbed a new infusion set and reservoir. I threw them in the travel toiletry case I keep my Quick-serter and alcohol wipes in so that they would be easier to carry downstairs. I went back to the kitchen, stopped at the refrigerator to grab a new vial of insulin, put it in the case too, grabbed my meter, and headed downstairs to the bedroom where BF was already in bed.

I sat down on my side of the bed and placed the case and my meter on the night table. Actually, more like flopped on the bed and threw my case and meter AT the night table. Right away, BF knew...

"Low babe?"

I nodded. I waited a few minutes for the fog of the low to lift a bit, then picked up the case again to dig out my supplies for the site change.

Infusion set, check.
Reservoir, check.
Quick-serter, check.
Alcohol wipe, check.

Where the hell is the insulin?

Sighing loudly and mumbling "shit" under my breath, I got up from the bed and ran up the stairs back to the kitchen. I could have SWORN I put a vial of insulin in the case. I got a new one from the fridge and went back downstairs.

When I returned to the bedroom, BF asked what had happened and I told him that I forgot my insulin, but was sure I had already brought some downstairs with me the first time. He picked up my case, looked inside, and found the insulin stuck under the cloth barrier dividing the case into two pockets.

I cursed again and with the second bottle of insulin in my hand, ran back upstairs to put it in the fridge (I should have waited or let BF bring it upstairs for me when he immediately offered, but I wasn't thinking clearly and was feeling slightly stubborn - one of my obvious low symptoms).

I returned to the bedroom and, exhausted and frustrated from the low and running up and down the stairs, I threw myself down on the bed, buried my head under a pillow, and felt tears well up in my eyes. BF asked what was wrong.

Sniffling slightly, I replied, "I'm just hating diabetes right now."

He held me for a few minutes until my blood sugar came back into range. I inserted my new site, turned out the light, and went straight to sleep.

Note to self: Do site changes upstairs from now on.

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