Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eggrolls and exercise

Being both physically and emotionally drained following the chaos of yesterday, I wasn't particularly up to the task of making dinner. So I suggested getting Chinese food, something I almost never do. My boyfriend (BF) asked, "Are you sure?" because he knows I usually try to avoid that kind of thing. I love the stuff, but the high fat content wreaks havoc on my blood sugar, not to mention that I already have enough extra "padding", which I have been failing miserably at shedding...

Anyway, for the first time EVER, I managed to bolus my Chinese feast perfectly! One of my issues with eating away from home is that I have a hard time estimating the number of carbs. I'm much too dependent on my food scale and weigh almost everything. But somehow, I got it right this time. I even successfully administered the dual-wave bolus, keeping my blood sugar stable for hours afterward.

Now I just need to sort out my basal rates, they've been a little off lately. Not much, but over the past couple of weeks my internal alarm has woken me up a few times - that is, the dreaded shakes and sweats. Yesterday I adjusted my pump a bit, but I still woke up just on the verge of a low at 3.9 mmol/L. Although I usually test in the middle of the night if I have to get up to use the washroom, it isn't always at a consistent time. So I guess I'll need to set my alarm and do some midnight/3 a.m. checks. What a drag, especially when I haven't been sleeping well.

Mornings are a bit weird too. I seem to have a sluggish digestive system in the morning. My pump is set to bolus a bit heavier for breakfast, while my basal rate is scaled back because all of a sudden between 10:00 and 11:00, it's like my bolus insulin all kicks in at once.

These are my current pump settings.


00:00 1.00 U/H
03:00 0.85 U/H
06:00 1.05 U/H
08:00 0.45 U/H
12:00 0.60 U/H
16:00 0.65 U/H
20:00 1.10 U/H


Breakfast 1u/6g
Lunch 1u/8g
Dinner 1/10g

It's been a while since I've seen my settings all written out like that. I can see how much it's changed since I haven't been exercising lately (i.e., my basal rates have increased). I really need to get back to it. My energy levels and motivation have both been down all winter. I tell myself, "Okay Lori, when you get home from work today, you're going to get on the elliptical machine," or, "That's it, you're going to set that alarm and get up a half hour earlier and do 30 minutes on the elliptical." But I always seem to find something else that needs to be done when I get home, or those 30 extra minutes of sleep seem so precious.

Where's Richard Simmons when ya need him?

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