Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lori gets a new pump

Yesterday I resurrected my blog to write about the frustration I experienced this weekend at the hands of Medtronic customer service.

Since my Medtronic pump is out of warranty, I was seriously considering switching to an Animas pump. I simply don't like being told one thing by one person, and something by another. Good customer service is high on my list of musts. However, being in Canada Medtronic is the only company here that offers a CGMS system and it's something I've been striving toward for the past year, especially with trying to get pregnant (no it hasn't happened yet, but that's a story for another day).

So... I've decided to stay with Medtronic. I ordered a new 522 this morning (in pink!), and will FINALLY be able to cash in on their minilink transmitter and 8 sensors deal for $299.

I have to say that never have I been more grateful than to live in Ontario. With the province now covering the cost of pump and supplies for adult Type 1 diabetics, it was as simple as having my diabetes team fill in the government form, forwarding it to Medtronic, and BAM - Lori gets a new pump. No worrying about whether or not the insurance company will approve or deny coverage. PHEW!


Anonymous said...

Wow, good for you. I'd sure love an opportunity like that here in the states! @.@

Living With Diabetes said...

I can't even imagine the costs and delays in treatment and continuity of care if you had to go through insurance for everything!