Friday, August 10, 2007


I logged into the Medtronic website today to order my monthly supplies.

I clicked through the ordering screens as I normally do without really paying much attention, it's become so routine.

When I finished, the "shopping cart" gave a total of $248.50.

Usually, the total is $238.00.

Huh? Did I select the wrong items?

I glanced above to review my order.

Paradigm 23 x 9mm Quickset 10/Box
Paradigm Reservoir 10/Box

The items are right. Dammit, the prices went up.

I guess even diabetes can't escape from inflation.

p.s. - One good thing is that at least I can order a box of infusion sets next month without a box of reservoirs and not have to pay a delivery charge since infusion sets are now over $200. I'm a couple of boxes ahead in my reservoir supply due to sites falling out and needing to change the set and not necessarily the reservoir of insulin.


Yellow said...
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Yellow said...

Do you not get free meds in Canada?

If not that must be tough

LORI said...

yellow - I do have insurance coverage, but my plan requires that I pay for my sets and they reimburse the covered portion (80%).

Jonah said...

Would ordering every three months reduce the costs?

Anonymous said...

yeah. i got snail mail from Medtronic saying to order before July 31st to avoid the higher prices. problem was, the mail got to me on Aug 9th.